Prospect Preview: Quarterbacks

Last year the quarterback class was one of the most talked about in recent memory. One thing about last years Quarterback class was that we knew who the top 2 guys were. Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were the top 2 on everyone’s board for most of the year. This year comes with a lot of more fog in the realm of Quarterbacks. There are about 8 or nine guys who have a legit shot at being the first quarterback off the board. I will be taking a look at what I believe to be the top 5 guys. Each little report will be short and filled with a lot of questions because all of these guys need more tape and reps. I will update these ratings throughout the season and I’ll try to do a top 5 for every position before the season starts.


  1. Justin Herbert/ Oregon

Herbert is the early front-runner to be the first Quarterback off the board, and it is easy to see why. One look at his tape and you will see a kid who is mobile, accurate and has a great pocket presence. Herbert showed the ability to make throws to all parts of the field, including the deep ball. I have some major issues with the offense that he comes from at Oregon. His offense provides him with a lot of easy throws on screen passes. Some other scouts have raised issues about his mental toughness. It is well documented that he broke down crying during an Oregon practice, which might turn some coaches away from him. Herbert has a lot of talent but will have to prove he is more than a system quarterback.

  1. Drew Lock/ Missouri

Lock might be the guy of divides people like Josh Allen last year. I’m not saying that is a good comparison outside of arm strength. Lock can fire the ball like very few guys can, which will attract a lot of people to him. Like a lot of guys with a strong arm, he struggles with accuracy at times. One thing you can not deny with Lock is gaudy numbers he put up last year Missouri. Lock has an offense that telegraphed reads for him and made things easy for him. This year he will have a new offensive coordinator so I’m excited to see how he improves and adapts.


  1.  Ryan Finley/ NC State

I considered making Finley my number 1 overall quarterback for the preseason but decided to move him down to number 3. Finley is the most accurate Quarterback in this class, especially in short to medium yardage. After watching more tape it was clear that Finley lacked elite arm strength and his offense was comprised of 50% screens. He lacks the physical traits of Herbert and the arm strength of Lock. The one advantage he has is accuracy and footwork. Finley looks like a solid NFL starter already with a whole year to improve even more.

  1. Nick Fitzgerald/ Mississippi State

I stated earlier that I had a lot of questions about the Qbs of this class. The first 3 guys I have previewed, have some skills that I am sure of. Herbert does everything well, Lock has a huge arm, and Finley is accurate. Nick Fitzgerald, starts the run on guys who I have more questions than answers. My Favorite attribute of his is toughness. Fitzgerald is mobile and uses his legs to extend plays and make throws on the run. Fitzgerald takes a lot of hits in the SEC but always got back up. Fitzgerald needs to show more of his ability to actually make NFL throws on a consistent basis. Fitzgerald, like all these guys, just need more reps before we can get a better feel for them.


  1. Jarrett Stidham/ Auburn

I hope all of you guys watched the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs Alabama) last season. If so you saw Jarrett Stidham put on an absolute show with both his arm and legs. Stidham, like Fitzgerald, is a tough kid who takes a lot of shots playing in the SEC. Stidham has both poise and accuracy but I worry about his footwork at times. I also worry about how much the easy offense he runs at Auburn pads his stats. He again has a lot to prove if he wants to hear his name called in the first round next April.

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