The Supplemental Draft and The Results



By far one of the most frequently asked questions I have been getting recently has been about the supplemental draft. Those questions include: What is it? How does it work? Are their good players in it? I’m going to try and answer those questions for you here and also give you a brief overview of the 2 prospects that were drafted this week. First, let us start with what is it? The supplemental draft is a draft held every single July that includes players who had academic issues with graduation or just missing the deadline to register for the normal draft. How does it work you ask? Teams must submit a bid for a player using a draft pick from this year’s upcoming draft. For example, the Giants selected Sam Beal in the 3rd round. That means the Giants will not have their 3rd round pick for this upcoming draft in April. Last but not least the important question of are their good players in it? In most years nobody will even be taken in the draft, but this was different. We had two corners get drafted and one was even drafted in the third round which is high. Now that you have a better understanding of what the supplemental draft is we can get started on the prospect profile. I’m going, to be honest, I have not watched a ton tape on these guys because I have been busy working on the next prospect preview list but I have seen enough.


Sam Beal

College: Western Michigan

Position: CB

Drafted by: New York Giants, Round 3  


Sam Beal came out of high school as a 2-star recruit who could play both sides of the ball. He quickly found his spot at cornerback for Western Michigan. Beal had 8 pass breakups and has one interception against Sam Darnold to his name. Beal is 6’1 and with his above-average ball skills he fits the mold for the modern NFL cornerback. On tape, he reminds me a bit of the Miami Dolphins Xavien Howard. Howard was a 6’1 long corner who was selected in the second round back in 2016. Beal should be able to come in and contribute right away for the New York Giants. My biggest concern for Beal will be how quickly he can grasp the speed of an NFL game. He has lost a lot of reps already by missing summer workouts. The biggest thing to take away is that Beal is talented and would have been a top 50 pick in the 2018 draft.


Adonis Alexander

College: Virginia Tech

Position: CB  

Drafted by: Washington Redskins, Round 6

Alexander is a bit more of an enigma when compared to Sam Beal. Both entered the supplemental draft for the same reason, academic trouble. Beal showed consistently on tape that he could cover with skill and technique. Alexander can get sloppy at times with his footwork and processing speed. Processing speed for a cornerback is the ability to diagnosis a play and act on it. Alexander certainly does have some good qualities as well. He is 6’3 which is massive and size is something you need at the corner position. Alexander seems to move with fluidity despite his big size. Most corners his size get beat deep too often but I think Alexander will be able to buck that trend. Biggest takeaways from Alexander is that he has the body to be a great corner but needs to develop his mind for the game first.


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