Top 5 “losers” from the Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl has come and gone this week. I’ve already written about which players I thought helped their stock in Mobile. If you have not read that article yet then I suggest you scroll down and read about my winners before reading about my losers. Their needs to be a disclaimer before we start. They are no real “losers” from the Senior Bowl just guys who played better than others. Most scouts say that if you don’t have a good Senior Bowl week that they could have guessed that based on your tape. Now that we have that out of the way, let us get straight into the list. It will follow the same format as the winners with a top five and then honorable mentions at the end.


  1. Ryan Finley, QB, NC State


Ryan Finley

I heard positive and negative things about almost every quarterback at the Senior Bowl last week. The only thing I heard about Finley was “meh”. The tape backs it up too; everything about Finley screams boring. His arm strength is below average, his mental processing is limited, and his athletic ability is nothing to ride home about. The one positive thing about Finley is that he has experience and is fairly accurate in short yardage. I feel like most quarterbacks are accurate in the short passing game so that doesn’t buy him much. You may be saying “but isn’t meh better than bad?”, and to that, I say: concerning the scouting community no buzz is just as damaging as bad buzz sometimes. Finely held a round 6-7 grade on my board and I feel no need to move him in any way.


  1. Khris Boyd, CB, Texas


Khris Boyd

Like Ryan Finley, Khris Boyd was someone I was not very high on coming into the week but media members thought he could be a top 100 guy. Boyd basically spent the entire week getting twisted around in different ways by smaller slot receivers like Deebo Samuel or Ohio States’s Terry McLaurin as shown in the clip below. This wasn’t a surprise to me because his tape is extremely inconsistent. The senior cornerback has great physical traits so some team will take a flyer on him in the mid-rounds. I had a round 4 grade coming into the week, and I think that is where he will stay on my board.

  1. Chuma Edoga, OT, USC
Chuma Edoga

I actually considered Edoga to be a winner after I was finished watching some of his reps from practice. Then Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller reported that teams were giving him bad reviews about his interviews. The report also mentioned that USC said his effort could be better and that he was Ereck Flowers like. Yikes, that is not the type stuff you want to hear after making your first impressions with NFL teams. Edoga has some very intriguing physical tools that will draw some teams in just as Ereck Flowers did. Something I always preach is that it only takes one team to fall in love with a guy and draft him. I haven’t watched any of Edoga’s game tape yet but now I’ll be looking to see if the things USC said about him are true.


  1. Oshane Ximines, Edge, Old Dominion
Oshane Ximines

Ximines was a player who was on my Senior Bowl watch list before the week. I thought he could establish himself as a first-round pick with a good week. Instead, I ended having to google search him to make sure he didn’t get hurt during the week. I heard nothing about Oshane Xinmes having a good or bad week which is troubling in some ways. Montez Sweat, who is a fellow edge rusher, and Jaylon Ferguson, another fellow edge rusher, all got some form of good press during the week but not Ximines. I’m hoping that I can find some tape of him somewhere but I haven’t seen much at this point. Oshane is a small school kid competing in one of the deepest edge classes I have ever seen so exposure would have been good for him. Ximines has a fringe round one grade on my board currently and that will stay the same after a quiet week.


1.Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Daniel Jones

I know that Daniel Jones won the Senior Bowl game MVP on Saturday and that he has some defenders out there. However, if you ask anyone who attended the practices they will tell you that Jones struggled for most of the week. The tape I have seen backs that up as Jones consistently missed open throws and made bad choices on where to throw the ball. The Senior Bowl should be easier for quarterbacks because they are throwing mostly on just air. Jones looked like he was baffled by the lack of defense at times. Jones is starting to become a polarizing prospect in the draft media, and currently, he ranks as my QB 3 with a round 2 grade. I think that is where Jones is going to remain for now after a disappointing week.


Dishonorable Mentions


Trace Mcsorley, QB, Penn State: He just isn’t accurate at all. 


Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA,: In fairness, he was a late add but, my god, he was awful when he showed up.


Alex Wesley, WR, Northern Colorado: He just plays soft on the outside.


Sutton Smith, OLB/Edge, Northern Illinois: He is way to small to play on the edge and I don’t think he has the talent to be great off the ball either.


Anthony Johnson, WR, Buffalo: He had some drop problems at times but I think he will kill this narrative at the combine.


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