Collinelli’s Mock Draft 3.0

Draft season officially begun for all 32 NFL teams after the New England Patriots continued their dynasty with a sixth Super Bowl victory. The end of the NFL season can be sad, especially when New England wins, but draft season is a time of hope for a lot of teams. This mock will be three rounds long and include two trades in the first round. Reports say there might be more than that but in the spirit of keeping things simple, I limited myself. The picks in this draft will be a combination of what I would do and what I think teams will do. I’ll try to point out which picks go against what I would do. Now that we have some ground rules The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock! (Draft order courtesy of Tankathon) Any questions hit me up on Twitter: @DanteCollinelli


Rd 1 Pick 1: Arizona Cardinals

Selection: Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State

Nick Bosa

You’ve seen this pick 100 times by now so I won’t spend a lot of time on it. Bosa is the best prospect in this class by a decent margin. He combines speed, power, and technique into a deadly package for opposing quarterbacks. The Cardinals might have the worst roster in the entire league so even though edge is not a huge need they need all the help they can get. I’ve heard the rumors about Arizona trading the first pick or taking Kyler Murray and they are interesting. Right now, I wouldn’t rule those things out but it’s a long shot at this time.


Rd 1 Pick 2: San Francisco 49ers

Selection: Quinnin Williams, DT, Alabama

Quinnen Williams

49ers fans might be sad to not see a trade here but hear me out on this one. I am fully aware that the 49ers’ biggest need is an edge rusher but Williams is too good to pass up. I’ve never seen a player disrupt plays as consistently and violently as Williams did this season. Slotting him next to Deforest Buckner would make for a deadly combination of interior pressure. If they did chose to trade back I wouldn’t grade it badly but Williams is a premier prospect. This class also has a lot of depth at the edge position which could allow San Francisco to address that need later.

Trade Alert!


Jacksonville Receives: 3rd overall pick (2019)


Jets Receives: 6th overall pick (2019), 38th overall pick (2019), and 2020 2nd round pick


The first trade of this mock draft has the Jacksonville Jaguars trading up to number three while the Jets move back to number 6. Jacksonville needs to get ahead of the Giants to make sure they get their quarterback, and the Jets need more draft capital this year and next year.


Rd 1 Pick 3: Jacksonville Jaguars (Via Mock trade with Jets)

Selection: Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Kyler Murray

This is the first pick in this draft that is not I would do and what I think the team will do. The Jaguars are more desperate as a franchise than people think. They went from AFC championship to having the 6th overall pick in the draft. Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey are rumored to be included in trade talks. Blake Bortles isn’t good; I know big surprise right? Their cornerstone defensive pieces are not getting any younger or cheaper. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Murray is one of the most dynamic QB prospects that I’ve seen in recent years. He has good down the field accuracy and will give the Jaguars a jolt of big-play ability they have been missing. This is a classic boom or bust pick, and it would make draft night very interesting.


Rd 1 Pick 4: Oakland Raiders

Selection: Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky

Josh Allen

The Raiders have a lot of gaping holes in their roster with the biggest one being on the edge. Having Josh Allen sitting here at pick four would be a gift for John Gruden and GM Mike Mayock. Allen produced at a high level in the SEC using speed and power to consistently get to the quarterback. Allen is not Khalil Mack by any stretch of the imagination but he is someone who could come in and get 10 plus sacks in his rookie season. The great thing for Oakland is that they have two other first-round picks, so filling out the holes on their roster doesn’t need to be rushed at all.

Trade Alert!


Denver Receives: 5th overall pick (2019)


Tampa Bay Receives: 10th overall pick (2019), 41st overall pick (2019), and 2020 1st round pick


The second and last trade of this mock has the Broncos moving up to number five and Tampa Bay moving back to number 10. The reason Tampa gets a 2020 1st and the Jets didn’t is because 10 to 5 is way different than 6 to 3. Denver needs their quarterback of the future and Tampa needs more capital.


Rd 1 Pick 5: Denver Broncos ( Via Mock trade with Tampa Bay)

Selection: Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

Drew Lock

Here we have another pick that is what I think the team will do rather than what I would do. Broncos GM John Elway has made no secret about that the fact that he likes Drew Lock. The Broncos have struck out on a lot of quarterbacks recently so they need a hit here. Lock has the strongest arm in this class and he was productive at Missouri. Lock struggled with accuracy and footwork while in college but impressed people at the Senior Bowl with his interviews and raw arm talent. Denver should trade up to five to make sure they get ahead of the Giants, who also need a quarterback. It wouldn’t’ surprise me one bit if the Broncos called the Jets and 49ers trying to get into the top five in order to take Lock. The only thing that would surprise me is Denver leaving the draft without Drew Lock.


Rd 1 Pick 6: New York Giants

Selection: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Dwayne Haskins

This pick would actually surprise me since most of the media talk about the Giants pick seems to point to them sticking with Eli Manning next year. I won’t have a round one grade on Haskins but he is my QB 1 and the Giants should pull the trigger if he is still here. Haskins is accurate throwing to most areas of the field and rarely turns the ball over. In an offense that includes weapons such as Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham, and Evan Engram you don’t need someone who is gonna take a lot of chances. You need a QB who is going to get the ball out in a timely fashion, throw the ball accurately, and smartly take shots down the field.

Rd 1 Pick 7: New York Jets (Via mock trade with Jacksonville)

Selection: Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama

Jonah Williams

I feel like this might be the pick I spend the most time defending. I understand that the Jets need an edge rusher pretty bad but the value isn’t here at seven. This class is rich with edge talent and with our mock trade, the Jets now have a high second round pick. This free agency class is also rich with edge talent and the Jets have a lot of cap space. The reason I have Jonah Williams position as just “OL” is that so many people have him playing different positions. I have Williams graded as my top overall left tackle. The NFL seems to see as more of an OG or center. I don’t care what position he plays because he would be my top guy at any offensive line spot. The Jets mostly need help in the interior but having someone with this much versatility would be a huge benefit. Protecting Sam Darnold has to be a high priority and this gets the job done.


Rd 1 Pick 8: Detroit Lions

Selection: Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson

Clelin Ferrell

I can hear Jets fan complaining about how I just said that there isn’t value at the edge position at this point in the draft. Look, the Lions are in a very different spot than the Jets. I would argue that Detroit’s edge depth chart is worse than New York’s and the Lions don’t have the same cap space. It might be a tiny reach but Ferrell was uber productive at Clemson and comes in ready to play right away. Ferrell is a power rusher who showed up on the biggest stages of college football. He will fit HC Matt Patricia’s scheme perfectly playing the same role that Trey Flowers did when Patricia was at New England.


Rd 1 Pick 9: Buffalo Bills

Selection: Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

NCAA Football: East Carolina at Houston
Ed Oliver

The Bills are in a similar spot as the Arizona Cardinals. They have a lot holes on their roster but can’t be picky about what position they gather talent at. Buffalo needs blue-chip players wherever they can get them and Ed Oliver is a blue chip player. Recently, I have seen a lot of people start to sour on Oliver because of his size or because of his fight with his HC. Those things are trivial if you are asking me. Oliver is a beast against the run frequently shooting gaps and making plays in the backfield. His skills as a pass rusher need some time to develop, but there are some encouraging flashes. I think we in the draft community have gotten to the point of overthinking Oliver’s talent. He is a top 5 talent and most likely a top 10 pick.


Rd 1 Pick 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (Via mock trade with Denver)

Selection: Cody Ford, OG/RT, Oklahoma

Cody Ford

Tampa trades back to number 10 and still gets a play who fills their biggest need over the past couple of seasons. Ford has been a late riser throughout the draft process so far this year. He has great feet and showed very few weaknesses protecting Kyler Murray this season. If you want to believe current media reports then you have to assume Tampa is sticking with Jameis Winston at QB. With that said, you have to go make sure he is protected because Winston under pressure is not a pretty sight. The added bonus is that hopefully Winston won’t get hurt and can actually learn from Bruce Arians.


Rd 1 Pick 11: Cincinnati Bengals

Selection: Devin White, LB, LSU

Devin White

Remember the opening to Beauty and the Beast? Does “a tale as old as time” ring a bell? The Bengals having slow linebackers is a tale that is older than time. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time they had a fast linebacker. That ends now with the selection of Devin White out of LSU. White gets sideline to sideline faster than any other linebacker in this draft class. He hits hard and can be very effective in coverage. The Bengals just hired Rams QB coach Zac Taylor as their head coach which might prompt them to make an offensive pick but they need to focus on defense. White is not only the perfect fit for the Bengals but he is a top-five talent who might fall out of the top 10.


Rd 1 Pick 12: Green Bay Packers

Selection: Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida

Jachai Polite

The Packers hired Matt Lafleur to be their next head coach which raised some eyebrows in the NFL community. Green Bay has a gaping hole on the edge outside of Clay Matthews, who isn’t getting any younger. Lafleur can get some critics off his back by selecting a defensive player. Polite isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of team but he has the best athletic traits in the edge class. He is a pure speed rusher with an insane ability to dip his hips and bend the edge. Polite is a bit thin but he reminds me so much of the LA Chargers edge rusher Melvin Ingram that I would be surprised to see him bust. The Packers started the process of going young on defense last year with Jaire Alexander and they should continue that trend.


Rd 1 Pick 13: Miami Dolphins

Selection: Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State

Jeffery Simmons

Hey look at this, a Miami Dolphins fan doesn’t have the Dolphins selecting a quarterback in the first round. This year’s batch of quarterbacks isn’t good at all, in fact, this is my first year covering the draft that I won’t have a QB with a round one grade. The Dolphins don’t have any real presence on the defensive line and that needs to change right away. Simmons is an elite penetrator and is able to shoot gaps in the run game. He has great effort and will run down plays from the backside frequently. Simmons has some off the field issues but I believe in second chances. Simmons has gotten great reviews from everyone at Mississippi State who say he just made a mistake when he was young. New HC Brian Flores will hopefully tap into his defensive background and rebuild that unit in a draft that is rich in that area; Simmons would be a great start.


Rd 1 Pick 14: Atlanta Falcons

Selection: Rashan Gary, DT/Edge, Michigan

Rashan Gary

Rashan Gary has gone from a 5-star recruit to one of the most polarizing prospects in the 2019 class. Some media scouts have him going in the top five while others have him going late in round one. If you couldn’t tell I land somewhere in the middle of those extremes. Gary has eye-popping athletic traits. He has great bend, flexibility, and raw strength which all make for a great player. The problem is that he didn’t really produce at Michigan whether it was because of injury or position he just didn’t produce. The Falcons will value Gary’s elite traits at this point in the first round and because they don’t have a lot of holes on the roster. Also, if you haven’t noticed, the Falcons love taking D-lineman in the early rounds and Gary would be a steal


Rd 1 Pick 15: Washington Redskins

Selection: Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Daniel Jones

This is the first quarterback coming off the board that I don’t completely disagree with. It has nothing to do with loving Daniel Jones or anything but more to do with the situation Washington is in. Alex Smith might never play again and they might have some of the worst backup QBs I have ever seen. Jones is a tall relatively mobile QB who is fairly accurate in the short to intermediate areas of the field. Does that sound familiar to you? That’s because it is exactly the way most people would describe Alex Smith. Jones can come in right away and do enough to win games on a team that has a good defense along with some playmakers (they could use more of these though). Washington might actually be a sneaky good team if they figure out the QB position.


Rd 1 Pick 16: Carolina Panthers

Selection: Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

Jawaan Taylor

The Panthers seem pretty confident that Cam Newton will be ready for the start of the 2019-20 season, which is great news. Carolina should probably make sure that Newton actually stays upright this season. Taylor was one of the most improved players in college football this season showing impressive movement skills for a tackle. Taylor has had most of his success at the right tackle position but I think he could play left tackle if needed. Carolina has ignored the offensive line for too long, and yet, they wonder why their quarterback is hurt all the time.


Rd 1 Pick 17: Cleveland Browns

Selection: Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State

Andre Dillard

It is so refreshing to see the Browns picking this far down in the first round. Looking at the Browns roster I didn’t see too many holes like I was accustomed to over the years. The biggest is one is definitely the one left by Joe Thomas retiring. John Dorsey should see a golden opportunity to fill that need with Dillard. Dillard impressed a lot of people at the Senior Bowl and his tape shows a player that has good feet combined with consistent pass sets. Dillard doesn’t offer a ton of upside but he can come in right away and protect Baker Mayfield’s backside and be effective in the run game.


Rd 1 Pick 18: Minnesota Vikings

Selection: Yodny Cajuste, OT, West Virginia

Yodney Cajuste

That’s right everyone, this is the third tackle prospect in a row to come off the board. So many teams need help on the offensive line, so I truly believe this is something that could happen. Cajuste had an impressive senior season at West Virginia protecting Will Grier. Minnesota should value his ability to consistently get the job done in pass protection. Personally, I think Cajuste is underrated in the run game and he offers some versatility because he could play on the inside if needed. Minnesota’s top priority needs to be protecting Kirk Cousins and Cajuste would be a great piece to add.

Rd 1 Pick 19: Tennessee Titans

Selection: Brian Burns, edge, Florida State

Brian Burns

I have Brian Burns ranked in my top 15 overall players so please don’t jump on me for him falling this low. I almost mocked him to the Packers at pick 12 but I went with Polite so Burns had to fall a bit. Titans fans should be ecstatic about this situation because Burns fills the team’s biggest need. Burns has incredible physical traits that he pairs with the ability to effectively bend the edge. Pairing him with a healthy Harold Landry and Jurrell Casey could give the Titans one of the better pass rushes in football. I am aware the team as some holes on offense, but the value of Burns is too good to pass up here.


Rd 1 Pick 20: Pittsburgh Steelers

Selection: Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

Byron Murphy

I might get a lot of heat here for not having Greedy Williams as my CB 1 but just hear me out. Murphy may lack some size, however, his coverage skills are unmatched in this class. He has tremendous ball skills and always seems to be around the ball. Murphy plays very physically for his size as well which is something that I love. The last time the Steelers picked a corner in the first round it was Artie Burns, which didn’t exactly work out for them. Joe Haden isn’t getting any younger either. The Steelers need to hit on a secondary player bad if they expect to compete in the AFC next season and Murphy is their best bet.


Rd 1 Pick 21: Seattle Seahawks

Selection: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

Greedy Williams

When I watched William’s tape the first thing that popped into my mind was that he would be great in Seattle. Williams excels as a press-man coverage corner that can get his hands on you early and then use his length to disrupt passes late. Seattle has a lot of young talent at the CB position already but with the run on tackles earlier they would have to reach pretty far for an offensive lineman worth taking here. The Seahawks had their best seasons with a truly dominant defense. Greedy Williams can help them get back to that level of dominance.

Rd 1 Pick 22: Baltimore Ravens

Selection: Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

Josh Jacobs

If you didn’t know already the Baltimore Ravens love to run the football. With Lamar Jackson still early in his development, it serves them well to pair him with a dynamic three-down running back. Jacobs has amazing power and elusiveness in the open field that will lead to plenty of big plays on Sundays. On tape, Jacobs showed he could be an effective receiver out of the backfield which is something I think the Ravens would be wise to tap into. Jacobs would essentially serve has Lamar Jackson’s floatation device. He will keep the offense on schedule in the running game and then be a reliable target on short throws for an inaccurate quarterback.


Rd 1 Pick 23: Houston Texans

Selection: Elgton Jenkins, OC/OG, Mississippi State

Elgton Jenkins

Of all the teams in the NFL, none are more desperate for help on the O-line than the Houston Texas. Deshaun Watson was the most sacked quarterback in the league last season, and they still won the AFC South. Jenkins has the versatility to play both guard spots if needed but he functions best as a center. The Texans aren’t really in a position to be picky about where they get their offensive line help. Jenkins is a smooth mover and great blocker in space which bodes well for the Texans offensive system.


Rd 1 Pick 24: Oakland Raiders

Selection: DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

DK Metcalf

The Raiders have one of the worst wide receiver groups I have ever seen in my life. To put it into some perspective a 33-year-old Jordy Nelson is their WR 1. DK Metcalf has great size and athletic traits that will translate right away to the NFL. Metcalf had a bad neck injury earlier this season but he seems like he is going to be ready for the NFL combine. Combine medicals will be huge for him and if he checks out I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets taken in the top 10. For now, Raiders fans should be happy with their shiny new receiver.

Rd 1 Pick 25: Philadelphia Eagles

Selection: Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Florida State at Clemson
Trayvon Mullen

Most of the Eagles off-season will be a focus on Nick Foles either signing as a free agent or being traded. While that is important, the Eagles need to look at their CB situation. Ronald Darby is a free agent, Jalen Mills isn’t good (sorry not sorry), and Avontae Maddox was up and down this year. Mullen isn’t going to blow you away with traits or testing but he has good technique and is just overall reliable in coverage. The Eagles have a great team and are just a few good players away from getting back to the Super Bowl.


Rd 1 Pick 26: Indianapolis Colts

Selection: Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State

Montez Sweat

This may be a surprise for some of you that I have Montez Sweat this low. I’m not that big of a fan of his overall game. Sweat is a pure power rusher that can bully his way into the backfield with ease sometimes. Sweat would fill a huge need for the Colts on the edge that needs some more production. It may be tempting to take a WR with this pick, but I think the Colts are better off addressing their defense and waiting to address the offense.


Rd 1 Pick 27: Oakland Raiders

Selection: Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

Devin Bush

I’m starting to run out of ways to say the Raiders roster is awful. Oakland hasn’t had a good linebacker in quite a while and that needs to change right now. Bush may be a tad short but he flies around the field like a missile hitting everything he can. I was pleasantly surprised by some of his coverage ability as well. Bush will bring some much-needed alpha dog attitude to a team that looked flat all of last season.

Rd 1 Pick 28: LA Chargers

Selection: Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson

Dexter Lawrence

The last time the Chargers defense took the field they were getting ripped apart by the Patriots rushing attack in the AFC divisional round. Lawrence is one of the best run defenders in this draft class. He plugs gaps like nobody’s business and moves pretty well for a man of his size. There have been some reports recently that Lawrence isn’t going have the best off-field grade from most teams. This all started when he failed a drug test during the college football playoff playing for Clemson. Players have done worse and gotten taken in the first round so he is still in play here if you ask me.


Rd 1 Pick 29: Kansas City Chiefs

Selection: Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia

Deandre Baker

The Chiefs were a half-competent defense away from the Super Bowl this season improving that unit needs to be the number one thing on the off-season agenda. Deandre Baker isn’t an athletic freak but he is physical at the line of scrimmage while getting the job done in coverage. He mirrors WRs well at all parts of the field which will give the Chiefs a much needed reliable option on the outside. The Chiefs have some other holes on defense to fill but corner is the biggest one.


Rd 1 Pick 30: Green Bay Packers

Selection: Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Noah Fant

I actually have Noah Fant ranked in my top 15 but I couldn’t find a place for him earlier in this mock. Fant is a great athlete who can run the seams and make some spectacular catches. Fant’s production was limited at Iowa but if you turn on the tape you can see what a talented and fluid athlete he is. Aaron Rodgers should be overjoyed to have a big bodied, fast, and reliable tight end. I have heard some people say that Fant can’t block but I disagree with that. He isn’t the best blocker in the world but stop with this narrative that he can’t block.

Rd 1 Pick 31: LA Rams

Selection: Nasir Adderley, Safety, Delaware

Nasir Adderley

The Rams defense played very well in the Super Bowl especially considering that they held Tom Brady in check most of the night. Outside of that game, however, the Rams struggled to defend the pass the rest of the season. Adderley is a dynamic athlete in the open field and has good man coverage skills. Adderley also has really good ball skills which should translate to plenty of interceptions in the league. The Rams need an infusion of young talent in the secondary and Adderley is a good piece to start with.


Rd 1 Pick 32: New England Patriots

Selection: TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa

TJ Hockenson

This pains me to give the Patriots such a great weapon but it’s too perfect. Hockenson might go higher than this; I just have a hard time taking tight ends earlier in round one. Hockenson is a great pass catcher who can run a variety of routes in short yardage and down the field. Hockenson is also a very effective blocker which is something New England typically requires from their tight ends. Rob Gronkowski may retire but even if he doesn’t this still would be a good pick.


Round 2


Pick 1, Arizona Cardinals: Dalton Risner, OG/OT, Kansas State


Pick 2, Indianapolis Colts: Kelvin Harmon, WR, NCST


Pick 3, Oakland Raiders: Deionte Thompson, Safety, Alabama


Pick 4, San Francisco 49ers: Jaylon Ferguson, Edge, LA Tech


Pick 5, New York Giants: David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin


Pick 6, New York Jets (via mock trade): Oshane Ximines, Edge, Old Dominion


Pick 7, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Taylor Rapp, Safety, Washington


Pick 8, Buffalo Bills: N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State


Pick 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via mock trade): Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State


Pick 10, Cincinnati Bengals: Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama


Pick 11, Detroit Lions: Juan Thornhill, Safety, Virginia


Pick 12, Green Bay Packers: Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma


Pick 13, Atlanta Falcons: Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame


Pick 14, Washington Redskins: Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina


Pick 15, Carolina Panthers: Chris Lindstrom, OG, Boston College


Pick 16, Miami Dolphins: Garrett Bradbury, OC/OG, NCST


Pick 17, Cleveland Browns: Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple


Pick 18, Minnesota Vikings: Charles Omenihu, DT, Texas


Pick 19, Tennessee Titans: Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford


Pick 20, Pittsburgh Steelers: Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama


Pick 21, Philadelphia Eagles: Gerald Willis, DT, Miami


Pick 22, Houston Texans: Dax Raymond, TE, Utah State


Pick 23, Houston Texans: Connor Mcgovern, OG, Penn State


Pick 25, New England Patriots: Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson


Pick 26, Philadelphia Eagles: David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State


Pick 27, Dallas Cowboys: JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford


Pick 28, Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame


Pick 29, LA Chargers: Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss


Pick 30, Kansas Chiefs: Jonathan Abram, Safety, Mississippi State


Pick 31, New Orleans Saints: Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State


Pick 32, New England Patriots: AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss


Pick 33, Kansas City Chiefs: Chase Winovich, Edge, Michigan


Round 3


Pick 1, Arizona Cardinals: Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia


Pick 2, Oakland Raiders: Devin Singletary, RB, FAU


Pick 3, San Francisco 49ers: Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State


Pick 4, New York Jets: Andy Isabella, WR, Umass


Pick 5, Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Jackson, Edge, Miami


Pick 6, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Damien Harris, RB, Alabama


Pick 7, New York Giants: Pick used in supplemental draft


Pick 8, Denver Broncos: Mike Dieter, OG, Wisconsin


Pick 9, Cincinnati Bengals: Will Grier, QB, West Virginia


Pick 10, New England Patriots: Lamar Peters, CB, Mississippi State


Pick 11, Buffalo Bills: Dru Samia, OG, Oklahoma


Pick 12, Green Bay Packers: Germaine Pratt, LB, NCST


Pick 13, Washington Redskins: Erick McCoy, OC/OG, Texas A@M


Pick 14, Carolina Panthers: Damarkus Lodge, WR, Ole Miss


Pick 15, Miami Dolphins: Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn


Pick 16, Atlanta Falcons: Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss


Pick 17, Cleveland Browns: David Sills V, WR, West Virginia


Pick 18, Minnesota Vikings: Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech


Pick 19, Tennessee Titans: David Long, CB, Michigan


Pick 20, Pittsburgh Steelers: Jaquan Johnson, Safety Miami


Pick 21, Seattle Seahawks: Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State


Pick 22, Baltimore Ravens: Dillon Mitchell, WR, Oregon


Pick 23, Houston Texans: Amani Hooker, Safety, Iowa


Pick 24, Chicago Bears: Anthony Nelson, Edge, Iowa State


Pick 25, Detroit Lions: Isaiah Buggs, DT, Alabama


Pick 26, Indianapolis Colts: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Safety, Florida


Pick 27, Dallas Cowboys: Nate Davis, OG, Charlotte


Pick 28, LA Chargers: Mike Jordan, OG, Ohio State


Pick 29, Kansas City Chiefs: Tre Lamar, LB, Clemson


Pick 30, New York Jets: Drew Sample, TE, Washington


Pick 31, Cleveland Browns: TJ Edwards, LB, Wisconsin


Pick 32, Jacksonville Jaguars: Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State


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