Collinelli’s Final Top 200 Big Board

We are now in the final days before the 2019 NFL draft. The night that I’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing for since June of 2018. During that time, I have amassed 260 scouting reports which hopefully you’ve all gotten a chance to read at this point. This Big Board will cover my top 200 players which is essentially everyone who I think can get drafted. That means cutting out all of my seventh round, UDFA, and some sixth round grades.

Just so you understand how I ranked these players I will outline how I ranked them. They are ranked according to there number grade which is calculated by own personal grading formula. I don’t calculate for things like position value, character issues where I don’t have a good source, and medicals where I don’t have a good source. In the case of a tie, players were broken up by simply which player I think will be more successful at the next level. Athletic testing is factored into my number grade so I didn’t want that to be the tiebreaker. Basically, all this means is that I don’t care if Kyler Murray plays quarterback he’s not a first round GRADE even though I think he’ll be the first overall pick in the draft.

One last disclaimer before we get started on the board. I don’t have 32 round one grades because not everyone who gets picked in the first round is successful. I see people on twitter hassling draft people as to why they only have 20 first round grades. In the draft community, that is a pretty standard number for a given year. Not every player in the first round will perform up to their draft slot, so we don’t have 32 players who should be drafted in the first round.

As always any questions on my rankings or about any player that I didn’t rank hit me up on twitter @DanteCollinelli.


Top 200 Big Board

Numbers 200-180

Elijah Holyfield


200. Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State/ 6th round grade

199. Mike Edwards, S, Kentucky/ 6th round grade

198. Elijah Holyfield, RB, Georgia/ 6th round grade

197. Shareef Miller, Edge, Penn State/ 6th round grade

196. Gardner Minshew, QB, Washington State/ 5th round grade

195. Bruce Anderson, RB, NDSU/ 5th round grade

194. Garret Brumfield, OG, LSU/ 5th round grade

193. Ulysses S Gilbert, LB, Akron/ 5th round grade

192. Travis Fulgham, WR, Old Dominion/ 5th round grade

191. Brandon Fritts, TE, North Carolina/ 5th round grade

190. Ryan Davis, WR, Auburn/ 5th round grade

189. Sione Takitaki, LB, BYU/ 5th round grade

188. Donald Parham, TE, Stenson/ 5th round grade

187. Lester Cotton, OG, Alabama/ 5th round grade

186. Marquise Blair, S, Utah/ 5th round grade

185. Ryan Bates, OG/OT, Penn State/ 5th round grade

184. Tyler Roomer, OT, SDSU/ 5th round grade

183. Isaiah Prince, OT, Ohio State/ 5th round grade

182. Jahlani Tavai, LB, Hawaii/ 5th round grade

181. Derrick Baity, CB, Kentucky/ 5th round grade

180. Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA/ 5th round grade


Numbers 179-159

Jaylon Ferguson


179. Sheldrick Redwine, S, Miami/ 5th round grade

178. Ricky Walker, DT, Virginia Tech/ 5th round grade

177. LJ Collier, Edge, TCU/ 5th round grade

176. Terrill Hanks, LB, New Mexico State/ 5th round grade

175. Stanley Morgan Jr, WR, Nebraska/ 5th round grade

174. Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston/ 5th round grade

173. Jon Baker, IOL, Boston College/ 5th round grade

172. Lukas Dennis, S, Boston College/ 5th round

171. Anthony Johnson, WR, Buffalo/ 5th round

170. Savion Smith, CB, Alabama/ 5th round grade

169. Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford/ 5th round grade

168. Micheal Jordan, IOL, Ohio State/ 5th round grade

167. Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson/ 5th round grade

166. Chuma Edoga, OT, USC/ 5th round grade

165. Zach Gentry, TE, Michigan/ 5th round grade

164. Jaylon Ferguson, Edge, LA Tech/ 5th round grade

163. Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State/ 5th round grade

162. Ryan Finley, QB, NC State/ 5th round grade

161. Deandre Walker, Edge, Georgia/ 5th round grade

160. Kingsley Keke, DT, Texas A@M/ 5th round grade

159. Emmanuel Hall, WR, Missouri/ 5th round grade


Numbers 158-138

Tyree ST. Louis


158. TJ Edwards, LB, Wisconsin/ 5th round grade

157. CJ Conrad, TE, Kentucky/ 5th round grade

156. Wyatt Ray, Edge, Boston College/ 5th round grade

155. Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington/5th round grade

154. Jacobi Myers, WR, NC State/ 5th round grade

153. Evan Worthington, S, Colorado/ 5th round grade

152. Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt/ 5th round grade

151. Tyree St Louis, OT, Miami/ 5th round grade

150. Ben Beauschawel, IOL, Wisconsin/ 5th round grade

149. Bryce Love, RB, Stanford/ 5th round grade

148. Issac Nauta, TE, Georgia/ 5th round grade

147. Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida/ 5th round grade

146. Karan Higdon, RB, Michigan/ 5th round grade

145. Keeshaun Johnson, WR, Fresno State/ 5th round grade

144. Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech/ 4th round grade

143. Dillion Mitchell, WR, Oregon/ 4th round grade

142. Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia/ 4th round grade

141. Isaiah Buggs, DT/Edge, Alabama/ 4th round grade

140. Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern/ 4th round grade

139. Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State/ 4th round grade

138. Trevon Wesco, TE, West Virginia/ 4th round grade


Numbers 137-117

Ryquell Armstead


137. Micheal Dogbe, DT/Edge, Temple/ 4th round grade

136. Ross Pierschbacher, IOL, Alabama/ 4th round grade

135. Tre Watson, LB, Maryland/ 4th round grade

134. Micheal Jackson Jr, CB, Miami/ 4th round grade

133. Will Harris, S, Boston College/ 4th round grade

132. David Sills, WR, West Virginia/ 4th round grade

131. Justin Hollins, Edge, Oregon/ 4th round grade

130. Bobby Evans, OT, Oklahoma/ 4th round grade

129. Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo/ 4th round grade

128. Ryquell Armstead, RB, Temple/ 4th round grade

127. Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia/ 4th round grade

126. Devine Ozigbo, RB, Nebraska/ 4th round grade

125. Nate Davis, OG, UNC-Charlotte/ 4th round grade

124. Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon/ 4th round grade

123. Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss/ 4th round grade

122. Lonnie Jackson Jr, CB, Kentucky/ 4th round grade

121. Maxx Crosby, Edge, Eastern Michigan/ 4th round grade

120. Joe Giles-Harris, LB, Duke/ 4th round grade

119. Terry Mclaurin, WR, Ohio State/ 4th round grade

118. David Long, LB, West Virginia/ 4th round grade

117. Jaquan Johnson, S, Miami/ 4th round grade


Numbers 116-86

Daniel Jones


116. Dylon Mack, DT, Texas A@M/ 4th round grade

115. Joe Jackson, Edge, Miami/ 4th round grade

114. Damrakus Lodge, WR, Ole Miss/ 4th round grade

113. Mark Fields, CB, Clemson/ 4th round grade

112. Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A@M/ 4th round grade

111. Trysten Hill, DT, UCF/ 4th round grade

110. Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State/ 4th round grade

109. Malik Gant, S, Marshall/ 4th round grade

108. Armon Watts, DT, Arkansas/ 4th round grade

107. Dennis Daley, OT, South Carolina/ 4th round grade

106. Jordan Ta’mu, QB, Ole Miss/ 4th round grade

105. Zach Allen, Edge/DT, Boston College/ 4th round grade

104. Justice Hill, RB, Oklahoma State/ 4th round grade

103. Gerald Willis, DT, Miami/ 4th round grade

102. Brett Rypien, QB, Boise State/ 4th round grade

101. Alize Mack, TE, Notre Dame/ 4th round grade

100. Bennie Snell, RB, Kentucky/ 4th round grade

99. Montre Hartage, CB, Northwestern/ 4th round grade

98. David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin/ 4th round grade

97. Jarrett Stidham, QB, Auburn/ 4th round grade

96. Daniel Wise, DT, Kansas/ 4th round grade

95. Anthony Nelson, Edge, Iowa/ 4th round grade

94. Tommy Sweeny, TE, Boston College/ 4th round grade

93. Drue Tranquill, LB, Notre Dame/ 3rd round grade

92. Khale Warring, TE, SDSU/ 3rd round grade

91. Daniel Jones, QB, Duke/ 3rd round grade

90. Connor Mcgovern, IOL, Penn State/ 3rd round grade

89. Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma/ 3rd round grade

88. Andy Isabella, WR, UMass/ 3rd round grade

87. Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State/ 3rd round grade

86. Ben Bangou, Edge, TCU/ 3rd round grade


Numbers 85-65

Yodney Cajuste


85. Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington/ 3rd round grade

84. Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota/ 3rd round grade

83. Darnell Henderson, RB, Memphis/ 3rd round grade

82. Damien Harris, RB, Alabama/ 3rd round grade

81. Ben Powers, IOL, Oklahoma/ 3rd round grade

80. Oshane Ximines, Edge, Old Dominion/ 3rd round grade    

79. Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia/ 3rd round grade

78. David Long, CB, Michigan/ 3rd round grade

77. Amani Hooker, S, Iowa/ 3rd round grade

76. Renell Wren, DT, Arizona State/ 3rd round grade

75. Will Grier, QB, West Virginia/ 3rd round grade

74. Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina/ 3rd round grade

73. Jonathan Abram, S, Mississippi State/ 3rd round grade  

72. Foster Moreau, TE, LSU/ 3rd round grade

71. Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State/ 3rd round grade

70. Antonie Wesley, WR, Texas Tech/ 3rd round grade

69. Dru Samia, IOL, Oklahoma/ 3rd round grade

68. Yodney Cajuste, OT, West Virginia/ 3rd round grade

67. Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame/ 3rd round grade

66. Drew Lock, QB, Missouri/ 3rd round grade

65. Drew Sample, TE, Washington/ 3rd round grade


Numbers 64-44

Khalen Saunders


64. Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame/ 3rd round grade

63. Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson/ 3rd round grade

62. Devin Singletary, RB, FAU/ Florida Atlantic/ 3rd round grade

61. Jerome Washington, TE, Rutgers/ 3rd round grade

60. Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan/ 3rd round grade

59. Khalen Saunders, Western Illionios/ 3rd round grade

58. Christian Miller, Edge, Alabama/ 3rd round grade

57. Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State/ 3rd round grade

56. Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma/ 2nd round grade

55. Amani Oruwaryie, CB, Penn State/ 2nd round grade

54. Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma/ 2nd round grade

53. Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia/ 2nd round grade

52. Darnell Savage, S, Maryland/ 2nd round grade

51. Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson/ 2nd round grade

50. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford/ 2nd round grade

49. Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama/ 2nd round grade

48. Dax Raymond, TE, Utah State/ 2nd round grade

47. Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State/ 2nd round grade

46. Erick McCoy, IOL, Texas A@M, 2nd round grade

45. Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State/ 2nd round grade

44. Micheal Dieter, OG/OT, Wisconsin/ 2nd round grade


Numbers 43-22

Dalton Risner


43. Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State/ 2nd round grade

42. AJ Brown, WR, Ole Miss/ 2nd round grade

41. Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss/ 2nd round grade

40. Elgton Jenkins, IOL, Mississippi State/ 2nd round grade

39. Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple/ 2nd round grade

38. Charles Omenhiu, DT/Edge, Texas/ 2nd round grade

37. Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose State/ 2nd round grade

36. Kelvin Harmon, WR, NCST/ 2nd round grade

35. Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida/ 2nd round grade

34. Chris Lindstrom, IOL, Boston College/ 2nd round grade

33. Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A@M/ 2nd round grade

32. Taylor Rapp, S, Washington/ 2nd round grade

31. David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State/ 2nd round grade

30. Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama/ 2nd round grade

29. Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia/ 2nd round grade

28. Dalton Risner, OG/OT, Kansas State/ 2nd round grade

27. Irv Smith Jr, TE, Alabama/ 2nd round grade

26. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida/ 2nd round grade

25. Chase Winovich, Edge, Michigan/ 2nd round grade

24. Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State/ 2nd round grade

23. N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State/ 2nd round grade

22. Rashan Gary, DT/Edge, Michigan/ 2nd round grade


Numbers 21-1

Devin Bush


21. Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson/ 2nd round grade

20. DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss/ 1st round grade

19. Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama/ 1st round grade

18. Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware/ 1st round grade

17. Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State/ 1st round grade

16. Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida/ 1st round grade

15. Clein Ferrell, Edge, Clemson/ 1st round grade

14. Cody Ford, OT/OG, Oklahoma/ 1st round grade

13. Greedy Williams, CB, LSU/ 1st round grade

12. Byron Murphy, CB, Washington/ 1st round grade

11. Jonah Williams, OT/OG, Alabama/ 1st round grade

10. Garrett Bradbury, IOL, NC State/ 1st round grade

9. Ed Oliver, DT, Houston/ 1st round grade

8. Devin Bush, LB. Michigan/ 1st round grade

7. Noah Fant, TE, Iowa/ 1st round grade

6. Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky/ 1st round grade

5. TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa/ 1st round grade

4. Brian Burns, Edge, Florida State/ 1st round grade

3. Devin White, LB, LSU/ 1st round grade

2. Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama/ 1st round grade

1. Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State/ 1st round grade

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